Chemistry Science Quiz MCQ #53

Chemistry Science Quiz MCQ #53 Chemistry Quiz | General Science Chemistry Questions and AnswersChemistry Quizzes for Middle school and High School, General Knowledge Chemistry questions and answersOnline Chemistry Quiz

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Chemistry Science Quiz MCQ #53

Organic compounds are found only in.
n-pentane and iso pentane can be distinguished by
Organic compound can be formed by.
Which gas is obtained on treating aluminium carbide with diluted HCl
Gasoline has the formula
Pyrolysis of coal with heavy oil in presence of H2 at 250 atm. 350oC and catalyst yields.
Marsh gas mainly contains
An aqueous solution of a substance on electrolysis gives ethane. The substance is
Ethyl alcohol is heated with conc. H2SO The product formed is
The overlapping of orbitals in benzene is of the type

Chemistry Science Quiz MCQ #53


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