ANCIENT INDIA प्राचीन भारत History Quiz #27

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ANCIENT INDIA प्राचीन भारत History Quiz #27 Hello SSC Aspirants, Here we are providing 200+ Quiz on indian history ANCIENT  quiz questions and answers, history quiz questions with answers, quiz on indian history from 1857 to 1947, history general knowledge questions and answers, indian history mcq with answers pdf,  history of ANCIENT india bipin chandra pdfANCIENT indian history by bipin chandra, ANCIENT history of india ncert pdf,  ANCIENT history of india quiz.

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261. What was Chandragupta-II also known as?
262. That the Rig Vedic Aryana were a pastoral people is borne out by the fact that
263. The Aryans succeeded in their conflicts with the pre-Aryans because
264. Coins made of metal first appeared in
265. In the early Vedic-period, Varna system was based on
266. Arrange the following Magadhan dynasties in chronological order: 1. Nandas 2. Sisunagas 3. Mauryas 4. Haryankas
267. Which of the following are beliefs of Buddhism? (i) The world is full of sorrows. (ii) People suffer on account of desire. (iii) If desires are conquered, nirvana will be attained. (iv) The existence of God and soul must be recognised.
268. The Greeks were driven out of India by
269. The Great Bath of Indus Valley civilisation is found at
270. Who was the court poet of Harsha-vardhana?

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