ANCIENT INDIA प्राचीन भारत History Quiz #24

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ANCIENT INDIA प्राचीन भारत History Quiz #24 Hello SSC Aspirants, Here we are providing 200+ Quiz on indian history ANCIENT  quiz questions and answers, history quiz questions with answers, quiz on indian history from 1857 to 1947, history general knowledge questions and answers, indian history mcq with answers pdf,  history of ANCIENT india bipin chandra pdfANCIENT indian history by bipin chandra, ANCIENT history of india ncert pdf,  ANCIENT history of india quiz.

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231. The greatest Kushana ruler whose contribution to Buddhism was even greater than that of Ashoka, was
232. The fourth and the last Buddhist Council was convened by
233. The first image of the Buddha-was carved out during the reign of
234. The Gandhara-Mathura School of Art, which flourished during the Kushana period and the foreign influence of
235. During the reign of Kanishka, Buddhism for the first time went to China and from China it went to
236. Who of the following was the personal physician of Kanishka and also the author of a famous treatise on the Indian system of medicine?
237. The worship of images (of Buddha) in India began during the period
238. The earliest stratum of the history of the Tamils is known as
239. The Sangam Age in the history of South India represents
240. During the Sangam Age brisk and nourishing foreign trade was conducted from the south Indian ports of Muziris, Kaveripattnam or Poom-Puhar and Arikamedu to

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